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March 31, 2021

Mykonos Top Food Experiences

Mykonos Top Food Experiences

Mykonos offers food experiences that you won’t want to miss during your vacation on the Island of the Winds. Food travelers have plenty of reasons to visit the Greek island too.

Mar y Sol, gives you the opportunity to eat and live like locals in Mykonos. We propose you must-try Greek Food Experiences to try during your visit. 

Explore the Aegean island’s culinary charms & Greek cuisine with simple, traditional foodstuffs bursting with flavor and nutrition.



 Get ready to embrace the vibrant spirit of Mykonos, relish the most exceptional fusion cuisine, and delve into the depths of genuine Greek hospitality while unwinding in an environment of modern splendor.

Restaurant KALITA located in the center of Chora of Mykonos creates a unique world of flavors highlighting the infinite possibilities of Greek cuisine.

Classic Greek flavors enriched with a modern touch under the supervision of our Chef, Vaios Ntoytsias through Kalita’s renewed menu, solves successfully the riddle of…” unsatisfied”.



The Best Greek Souvlaki in Mykonos!

Mykonos street food fans line up at all hours of the day and night for Signature Souvlaki Wrapped, stuffed with grilled meats and fresh vegetables.

Cantina Street Food, located in Tourlos the busiest part of Mykonos, with incredible views of Marina & the Port, is an absolute Greek Culinary Experience!

The Cantina and Chef Ntoutsias Vaios have teamed up to offer great quality Street Food, highlighting the fresh produce, & the great quality chopped meats, combined with special touches of marinate.

Enjoy the Traditional Greek Street Food, the Famous Souvlaki, as well as Burgers, Portions & Vegetarian dishes.

“MEZE ON PORT” inside Olia hotel.

Experience the glorious Mykonian sunset colors, as you indulge in a glass of wine or a fruity cocktail!

Meze on Port offers exceptional locally sourced food combined with professional service and five-star presentation. We serve lunch, snacks, and dinner. Ideal for an à-la-carte lunch or dinner with contemporary Greek cuisine.

“Meze on port” has a very convenient location in the Tourlos area, overlooking Mykonos’ new Port.

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